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Dr. Aliza Weinrib has been learning and practicing ACT since 2005, and has served on the Ontario ACBS board since 2012.  She is the lead clinical psychologist for the Transitional Pain Service and the GoodHope Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Clinic at Toronto General Hospital, where clinical psychology students in the Toronto area can do practicum placements and learn ACT.  In addition to serving as chair of the Ontario ACBS board, she is an adjunct professor in the clinical psychology graduate program at York University.


Chair Elect

Kathryn Palmer is a Registered Psychotherapist working in private practice at the Ottawa River Psychology Group in Ottawa, Ontario. She provides individual, couple, and group therapy services to the Ottawa community. Much of her practice involves supporting individuals with anxiety, ADHD, and relationship issues. She also has a special interest in working with university students. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has significantly influenced the way she works in her practice as well as the way she lives her life. She has been passionate about pursuing training and supervision in order to share this approach with her community. In addition to her clinical work, Kathryn has been involved in organizing ACT training events for professionals in the community. In 2016, she also founded the Ottawa Affiliate of ACBS in an effort to help local act-enthusiasts connect and organize peer-led training events.

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Sarah Walsh is a Registered Social Worker and recently joined ACBS in 2018. Her excitement about ACT is driven by almost 10 years of clinical experience in child and adolescent mental health, and it’s broad applicability and accessibility to the experience of suffering. She has worked in both inpatient mental health and community based mental health services. Currently, she is providing individual, group and family therapy to youth and families involved in residential treatment. Although a relatively new member and learner in the ACT community, she is working to learn and apply ACT with clients along with other mindfulness based behavioural therapies.

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Nikolay Pavlov moved to Canada from Moscow, Russia in December 2017. While in Russia, he earned his BA and Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, after which he successfully completed a 4 - year training program in Gestalt Therapy. Nikolay opened his psychotherapy practice in 2009 with a clinical focus on those who struggle with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Bipolar Affective Disorder. In 2016, Nikolay organized a certification in Barlow’s Unified Protocol in Russia. He became the first Russian Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer in 2017. He brings a wealth of clinical and training skills which he very generously shares while supporting his new Ontario colleagues during peer consultation meetings held through OnACBS. Nikolay is passionate about his work and is always looking for new ways to help people. He strongly believes that the main therapeutic tool is the therapist and the relationship therapists build with their clients. This belief, and ACT, form the core of Nikolay’s therapeutic approach. He is currently developing his skills in Compassion-Focused Therapy and integrating what he learns within the ACT model. To legitimize his professional standing in Canada, Nikolay is embarking on a new journey: he is enrolled in the MA program for Counselling Psychology in Yorkville University, beginning May 2018. In addition to his clinical / academic pursuits, Nikolay will continue to provide online supervision and therapy with his Russian colleagues and clients.



Dr. Kimberly Sogge C.Psych. Is a psychologist trained in the scientist-practitioner model at Texas A&M University. Dr. Sogge has been a member of ACBS since 2005, is involved in Women in ACBS, Ottawa ACBS, and the growing Compassion Focused Network in Canada and North America. She completed her doctoral residency in the inaugural year of the Behavioral Health track at the University of Texas at Austin where she and colleagues introduced mindfulness based stress reduction teaching and the integration of psychologists into primary care to the Student Health Service at the University of Texas at Austin.  She has worked as faculty of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry at the Texas A&M College of Medicine and has published in medical education and the emotional processes of the physician-patient working alliance. She returned home to Canada in 2007 where she worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in the Medical Psychology team, and later moved to Ontario where she worked in community hospitals as a psychologist in Eating Disorders and Women’s Health, and later as Chief of Psychology Professional Practice at the Royal Ottawa Hospital.  In Canada’s capital she has been a leader in promoting evidence-based Third Wave interventions in health and mental health, mindfulness and compassion-based psychotherapy practice, and the development of the ACBS professional community. She currently works full time seeing patients, teaching mindfulness and self compassion, and supporting the team of clinicians at the group practice she founded, Ottawa River Psychology Group. Ottawa River Psychology Group is a vibrant collaboration between psychotherapists and psychologists dedicated offering the full range of Third Wave interventions for wellbeing and growth.

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Student Representative

Brittany Rosenbloom is a clinical psychology doctoral student at York University conducting research and clinical practice with children and adults within the area of health psychology. Her dissertation research investigates the transition from acute to chronic post-operative pain in children and adolescents, and the role that parental psychological flexibility plays in functional outcomes. She is currently completing practicums in neuropsychology at The Hospital for Sick Children and health psychology at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Prior to this year’s practicum, Brittany was a member of the Transitional Pain Service (TPS) at Toronto General Hospital where she primarily conducted Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness-based interventions for outpatient and inpatient pain patients. Brittany has been a member of the OnACBS since 2016. She has experience on national committees, including the Canadian Pain Society as the Newsletter Editor, and local committees as a graduate student representative, such as the Undergraduate Studies Committee at York University.




Sean is a Registered Psychotherapist. He has served as Ontario ACBS Treasurer since 2017. Sean works as a Clinical Coordinator for a program that supports and advocates for health professionals with psychiatric or substance use concerns. He has previously worked in an inpatient addiction treatment program and has held positions in the community working with a wide range of clients, including those with co-occurring mental health and substance use concerns and individuals involved in the criminal justice system.


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