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Welcome to Half-Baked!


Upcoming Dates:

Feb 22, 2021, April 19, 2021, June 14, 2021

Please contact seansydor@gmail.com to confirm your attendance, request a timeslot, or for questions or concerns.

What it is:

Half-Baked is a space for ACBS students, clinicians and researchers to bring forward ideas or works-in-progress in a safe, supportive community with the opportunity to receive feedback, support, and new ideas related to ongoing projects.

Who this is for:

Anyone. More specifically, ACBS members, experienced and new-to-the-field alike, who are looking to contribute to a growing and enthusiastic community by connecting with like-minded professionals to discuss new ideas and new applications of old ideas in ACT in a safe, non-judgemental environment.



We are looking for incomplete and imperfect! Do not worry about being judged! The aim is to discuss rough and unpolished ideas in a safe, supportive environment. The feedback, discussion and ideas generated will benefit everyone!


What you need:

  1. An incomplete (half-baked) idea for a presentation, workshop, paper or worksheet

  2. Personal and professional experience

  3. A love for behavioural sciences

  4. An open mind


The Details:

3-4 ideas - 15-20 minutes per idea (pre-register)

5-10 mins to discuss idea

5-10 mins for feedback and discussion

Come share your love for ACT with this exciting and enthusiastic community!

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Practice ACT-based psychological flexibility processes to support confronting white privilege  and living your anti-racist values!

Zoom Webinar

March 15, 2021 6-9pm

  • Explore Acceptance and Commitment Therapy psychological flexibility processes as they apply to being a white therapist and living your anti-racist and anti-oppressive values in your practice

  • Work on processes for ongoing awareness and openness to the blind spots of white privilege

  • Engage in exercises to notice and accept the discomfort of white privilege, and do things to create safety and acceptance for the BIPOC community

  • Be imperfect and compassionate toward yourself and others, despite discomfort and fear, we can live our values even when we don't feel ready


Registration link on Eventbrite

If cost is a barrier, please contact sarah@wellnesshelp.ca to discuss options.


 June 24-27, 2021


For more information on the conference:


Deadlines for Chapter sponsorship:

Please submit applications by February 10, 2021 for oral submissions, and March 6, 2021 for poster presentations.

This year, the deadlines for submissions to ACBS are as follows:


  • February 15 for oral submissions (including symposia, papers, panels, ignites, and workshops)

  •  March 20 for posters


For more information, see: https://contextualscience.org/wc2021virtual_call_for_submissions


If you are submitting an oral presentation or a poster to the ACBS program committee, you may want to submit it to Ontario ACBS to be considered for sponsorship by the Ontario Chapter. Chapter sponsorship can increase the likelihood that your application to the WorldCon program committee will be accepted and it means that your presentation will be identified as Ontario sponsored on the program. Please keep in mind that you can opt out of this process and send your proposals to ACBS directly without chapter sponsorship – many of our members have had their work accepted this way. 


If you are interested in chapter sponsorship, please send your submissions to Ontario ACBS at acbsontario@gmail.com.  We need to receive oral presentation submissions by FEBRUARY 1 and poster submissions by MARCH 6.


Criteria for Chapter Sponsorship:

The first author needs to be a current member of ACBS and our chapter (if 1st and 2nd authors are equivalent, as in a co-presented workshop, we will consider the entry).


Please submit a title, abstract, names and affiliations of authors/presenters. Note in your application which of the authors are Ontario ACBS members. Please also note if you are submitting this work to another chapter (e.g., Quebec chapter) or SIG for sponsorship; we will coordinate our results with other chapters and SIGS when possible in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be chapter or SIG sponsored. 


Process for Deciding Sponsorship:

Your submission will be reviewed by a committee established by the Ontario ACBS chapter to review all applications. 


Please note that the submission process has gotten more competitive each year and ACBS has advised us that we can only sponsor a few stand-out submissions. We look forward to receiving your excellent Ontario-proud submissions!