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Looking for a supervisor?

Click the button on the left to see supervisor information sheets submitted by clinicians who requested to be listed as ACT and CBS supervisors. Note that ACBS-Ontario does not check or verify any information. We ask supervisors to provide high levels of detail to help you find a supervisor that might meet your needs. Each PDF has the same information in it, it has:

  •  the contact information 

  • Information about their prior ACT experience to help you decide if they have the qualifications and training you are looking for 

  • Information about the types of supervisees they are able to supervise.  


It is unlikely that you will find “the perfect supervisor” but we hope that this information will help you find someone with relevant experience and expertise. These records may be out dated, supervisors are encouraged to contact us when they want their information removed, however, we suggest you look at the DATE FORM COMPLETED field at the top to get a sense of how recent the information is.

Instructions for Supervisors

Record Keeping and Data Management

If you are an ACT, CFT, Clinical RFT, or FAP supervisor and want your information to be available for prospective supervisees, please complete the following instructions. This will be posted as a “supervisor information sheet” so that prospective supervisees know a bit about your CBS supervision and related experience. The ACBS-ON chapter does not determine eligibility to act as a supervisor. This information sheet helps supervisees make informed choices when seeking supervisors.

Download a copy and fill out the form found here and save it as a PDF. Once you send us your PDF we will add it to our Supervisors Tab in the Google Drive folder on the ACBS-Ontario website. An example of a completed form can be found in the CBS Supervisor Resources Folder


IMPORTANT: please use the following naming convention when saving your PDF: YEAR_LastName_ProfessionalDesignation_Population 

For example: 


If Tanya Singh was a psychologist who worked with teens and adults, her file would be called 2022_Singh_Psychologist_TeensAdults

If Ashley Brown was a social worker who worked with kids, teens, and families, their file would be called 2022_Brown_SocialWork_KidsTeensFamilies 


This will help prospective supervisees search for supervisors that might fit their supervision needs without having to open every single PDF. 



Provision of information to the Supervisor Resource is strictly voluntary. We (ACBS-Ontario) do not take responsibility for the security or management of this information. The shared folder is akin to a forum where users choose what they want to share. 

The PDFs are stored in a publicly accessible Google Drive folder. Users will have the ability to access but not edit the files. For more detail on the security features, please see Google Terms of Services and Security Features. 

If you ever want your information taken down, please email us at

If you ever want to change or update your information, please email us at with an updated PDF and a clear instruction that you want the old file removed.

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