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The purpose of the organisation shall be to foster the deveploment of functional contextual cognitive and behavioural science and practice within Ontario, with a focus on Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT).

Chapter Activities

The Chapter may hold periodic meetings to host presentations regarding developments in contextual behavioural science, application and the advancement of human welfare. The Chapter may hold meetings for the transaction of business as related to Ontario ACBS. The Chapter may engage in activities designed to accomplish its purpose including but not limited to developing or promoting education and training opportunities, establishing and maintaining a website, listeserve and other media, developing peer supervision opportuniities for members, developing professional referral opportunities amoungst members and establishing or acquiring newsletters, journals or other publications.

Description of Membership

The membership of the Chapter shall be people who are interested in the advancement of contextual behavioural science and practice. It is anticipated that the membership will be comprised of clinicians eg, psychologists, social workers, physicians, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, academics and students practicing and/or studying in Ontario.

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